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Welcome to the Eighth Tuesday of Tell Me A Story Tuesdays. If you’ve stumbled in by accident, please read what we’re all about in About TMAST at the top of this page. If you’ve come from Gifts Of The Journey then you already know and you’re ready to go ahead.

Please take a look at the three photographs below and choose one or all three to leave a sentence that suggests a topic in the comment section. The topic sentence does not need to match in any obvious way with the image …just put whatever comes to mind in the comment section.

If you want to participate in the practice writing process come back in a few days and see what others have to say after leaving a topic that others can use. Pick one of their writing topic sentences left in the comment section and follow the directions in the About TMAST listed above.

I’ll go first….


The sky seemed to be more blue from inside the church and she sat for minute listening for his footsteps.


Walking past the house name with doll heads stuck on for decoration, she wondered what kind of people lived there.


She noticed the cushions as she sat down on the pew.


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